“We need better players than Sunil Chhetri”: Sunil Chhetri

By Trisha Ghosal, 04 August 2020
Sunil Chhetri turned 36 recently. Image Courtesy: Google Images

Speaking in the Football Delhi’s E-Summit on his birthday, Sunil Chhetri said our country needs better players than Sunil Chhetri. 3rd of August is a special day in Indian sports. It’s the birthday of the captain, leader and legend Sunil Chhetri. Every year Delhi celebrates Chhetri’s birthday as Delhi Football Day.

This year because of Covid-19, Football Delhi hosted an e-summit. The theme of the e-summit was “Making Delhi a Vibrant Football City”. Sunil Chhetri gave his ideas and opinions on the future of Indian football.

On building big clubs in Delhi

“The capital of a country should be the one who is driving the sport in the country. In that context, we lag, which is not very ideal. Wherever I have played outside people, ask me why are there no big clubs in Delhi. I could never pinpoint the right answer. The good part is it’s in our mind and everyone is talking about it. The only suggestion that I have is all the stakeholders come together, talk, make sure that everyone is on board. One thing I know for sure once you have an idea and you take it to Mr Patel [Praful], he will help. We will soon have something great coming from Delhi.”

On bringing another Sunil Chhetri in the team

“I am not on the same page of bringing another Sunil Chhetri because that’s something that we already have. The dream that I and Mr Patel [Praful] have is to reach the best 10 in Asia soon and for that, we need better players than Sunil Chhetri. If we identify the talent at the right time and give him/her the right nourishment, we will get much better players. If we could do with me with whatever we had 17 years back, we can do better than that with whatever we have now. “

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