United Sports Club vs Gokulam Kerala FC

– Archan Mitter | 9 Dec 2021

Ohhh.. What football match was held between United SC and Gokulam Kerala, Kalyani Stadium on 9th December 2021 at 13:30 hours? In the end, the match ended up with a Penalty shoot-out . There were attacks and counter attacks every moment. Both teams made several movements and scoring chances. But the first half came to a close with a 2-1 score. At the beginning of the second half, both the team grew furious. They attacked each other and tried to net the ball and then Gokulam SC scored another goal and both teams were level again. There was wild excitement on both sides. But, perhaps, it wasn’t the day of any team . Because the match ended up with a draw score. But in the second half Gokulam played their best game. Both the teams were guilty of 5 yellow cards. The first one was shown to Davis Jelvas (United SC) at 36th minute, followed by Abhivith K (42nd minute), Jithim MS (81 minute), Emil Benny (90 minute) and Thahir Zaman (117 minute) they were from Gokulam Kerala. There was wild excitement on both sides. But In penalty shoot out Rakshit Dagar the goalkeeper from Gokulam SC was tremendously good that’s why he won the man of the match player prize.

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