“I want to be a winning team.” : Jamshedpur FC coach

By Trisha Ghosal, 11th August 2020

Lucian Goian and Owen Coyle. Image Courtesy: Google Images

He came. He saw. He almost conquered. Owen Coyle became ISL club Chennaiyin FC’s head coach in December 2019. Chennaiyin FC was amid a forgettable run in Hero ISL 2019-20. He just smiled and changed their style of play. The result was for everyone to witness, Chennaiyin raced to the top. This year Owen Coyle has signed for Jamshedpur FC. He spoke about his plans for Jamshedpur FC in an Instagram live chat with Anant Tyagi.

On taking up Jamshedpur FC’s coaching reigns

“I was free from March. I had a number of offers from home and away teams. The attraction for Jamshedpur was that Jamshedpur has not tasted success. In football, when you feel you have the chance of bringing in success, it is the thing. When I look at the Jamshedpur team, the infrastructure, the people, my first interaction with (CEO) Mukul (Choudhuri) was very positive. His vision for the club is fantastic. For me, it’s not about a quick fix, but about longevity. In Jamshedpur, I can do something that will help the team for years to come. The greatest pleasure I have is in the development of Indian players, and that is what I want to bring in to Jamshedpur.”

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On his tactics for Jamshedpur FC

“We will look to be very positive. I want to be a winning team. The highs of winning are unbelievable, equally when you lose games we all get disappointed because we care so much about the game. I want to be as positive as I was last year. Last year we played in the front, we were passing the ball and we looked to be entertaining. The most beautiful sight in football is when the ball hits the net. I want to play the football that people would enjoy watching and we can win at the same time. We will get the foreigners and domestic players together and look to build an exciting team. A team that everybody enjoys watching because I feel when you are playing games you have an obligation to entertain.”

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