Srinjoy Bose exclusive: “ATK and Mohun Bagan have the same urge to win”

By Rishika Mukherjee on 11th Sep 2020

Srinjoy Bose with MB players. Image Courtesy: Srinjoy Bose

Resilient, staunch support and prescient are the analogues for him! Yes, we are talking about none other than Srinjoy Bose, the General Manager of ATK-MB. Let us take an insight into what he wants to share in an exclusive interview with Football Junction.

FJ- How is your journey so far with Mohan Bagan?

SB- I have been associated with Mohan Bagan for almost 15 years and it was not a cakewalk. It had its difficulties, and no journey is a bed of roses! It had disappointments, especially when we were almost at the verge of winning the I-LEAGUE and could have achieved a hat-trick but failed. However, it has been overwhelming so far.

FJ- What preparation brought this glory to Mohan Bagan in the previous season of I-LEAGUE?

SB- Kibu Vicuña’s way of handling the team, his constant efforts, and tactics and the training model is one reason for the terrific performance of the team in the previous season. Also, we had the right recipe which made us the clear winners in the previous season as everyone worked as a team; the players were emotionally involved which was instrumental in enhancing  the team spirit and there was no delay in any procedure which made everything fall in place. Hence, obviously this victory will always be something to be cherished off.

Image Courtesy: Srinjoy Bose

FJ- Why and how do you see this merger of the two teams help in the coming season?

SB- For the upcoming season of ISL or any other tournament, this merger would be supremely instrumental because ATK has also won thrice in ISL and it is an enormous achievement. ATK has also the same urge to win and Mohan Bagan is nothing new to them, they are well versed with emotions and passion of the team so yes; we are hoping for rhapsodies of wins.

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FJ- Any specific fitness regime that Mohan Bagan follows for the players?

SB- There is no specific chart or regime as it completely depends upon the coach and the fitness coach, and they are the ones who chalk out the entire programme for the team.

FJ- What is the key goal after the merger of the two teams?

SB- We have a lot of agendas and we need a lot more supporters and investors coming in. We are in the process but since the pandemic occurred so; it has slowed down a bit, but post this we are hoping to kick off with the full proof plan with no hindrance.

FJ- What are the challenges faced regularly by the team which can be avoided?

SB- They do not face any such challenges and the club tries to provide everything required but we face a bit of problem from the supporters but as a team, we just treat it as the part of the game.

FJ- What is your reaction on East Bengal playing in ISL?

SB- Its very good for the tournament. I believe Mohan Bagan and East Bengal are the two pillars of Indian football and though ISL is the number 1 football league of India, supporters are something which is a very important ingredient. So, the addition of these two clubs will bring in that passion and emotion which is required.

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FJ- Any suggestions you want to give to the budding footballers of our country?

SB- More people should come in. The youth infrastructure should improve, and the youth should understand that football can also be chosen as a livelihood and it can give them a glorious future, and then only football will grow bigger and better in our nation.

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