“IFA working hard to bring back glorious past”, Dola Mukherjee, Bengal women’s football coach

– Joy Banerjee | 8 Nov 2021

“সব খেলার সেরা বাঙালির তুমি ফুটবল” – Yes, this song was the true reflection of football or we can say – Bengal football . At that time, Bengal was one of the strongholds of Indian football. However, in the course of time, step-by-step, other provinces began to advance from Bengal.

However, we can say that ‘2021’ is the “year of sunrise” for Bengal football. The Team I.F.A, led by IFA Secretary Joydeep Mukherjee, is working hard to restore that glorious history of Bengali football once again. On one hand, as the Bengal men’s football team is doing their best under the leadership of Coach – Ranjan Bhattacharya, in the same way, on the other hand, the Bengal women’s football team is preparing for the victory at the national championship under the supervision of Technical Director – Arun Ghosh and Coach – Dola Mukherjee.

The coach of the Bengal women’s football team Dola Mukherjee told Football Junction in an interview “I am very much hopeful that the Bengal women’s football team will get very good results in the national competition. The way team I.F.A. has arranged the training by keeping the girls together, the bonding between the team is getting better and better and we all know that football is a team game, and I believe this bonding of the team will affect our game in a big way.

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