Historical Event At East Bengal Club Sees Reunion With Sheikh Russell Sports Club

– Archan Mitter | 24 Feb 2022

A heartfelt reunion ceremony was held at the East Bengal Club today. Sayem Sobhan, Chairman of Sheikh Russell Sports Club of Bangladesh and Managing Director of Bashundhara Group was honored with a lifetime membership on behalf of East Bengal Club.
His wife, Mrs. Sabrina Sobhan, the co-president of Bangladesh Football Federation Mohammad Imrul Hasan and several other eminent personalities of Bangladesh were present for this historical event that defined a pathbreaking bonding between two clubs from either side of Bengal.
The East Bengal secretary addressed everyone emotionally and shed light on the new relationship. Large scale football fanaticism across Bangladesh and West Bengal was highlighted by both Subrata Dutta, co-president of AIFF and Mohammad Imrul Hasan.
Debabrata Sarkar, in his speech said ” At one time, two Bengalis were one. Art, literature, sports and lifestyles set a shining example to the rest of the world. One of the unknown walls created distance between us. But in our hearts Bangladesh is still the same. Today, with the pull of that heart, the two Bengalis need to walk together again. Sobhan Bhai and East Bengal Club can work together to coordinate the two Bengals.”

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