All You Need To Know About ATK Mohun Bagan

Widespread rumours have been circulating around the merger between Mohun Bagan, the national club of India and 3 time ISL Champions ATK, a franchise owned by Sanjeev Goenka’s RPSG Group. The club name was finalized as ATK Mohun Bagan.

After a long wait, it has been confirmed today itself that the iconic Green and Maroon colours and ‘Pal Tola Nouka’ logo that defines Bagan’s 131 year old illustrious legacy and rich history, has been retained. This news brings a huge sigh of relief to the loyal Mohun Bagan supporters who were pretty tensed about what the new franchise would decide upon when it comes to the club’s insignia.

The Board of Directors of ATK Mohun Bagan Private Limited including Sanjeev Goenka and Sourav Ganguly, met today and the decision to carry on with Mohun Bagan’s original club logo and jersey colours, was taken unanimously. So the initial possibility of incorporating the ‘lion with wings’ logo of ATK was cancelled out. The club officials believe that the die-hard supporters’ pure madness and love for the club would remain as it is as a result of this.

new jersey

Club’s principal owner Dr. Sanjeev Goenka thanked the legends who have contributed to the club’s rich legacy with folded hands and seemed their blessings in their new journey ahead. He also expressed his dream of establishing ATK Mohun Bagan as a pioneer team that would earn its place in the global football stage.

Sourav Ganguly, the present BCCI president and member of the Board of Directors of ATK Mohun Bagan saluted the merger and said ” ATK Mohun Bagan brand name will create a new history together.”

Image Courtesy – Mohun Bagan AC (Twitter)

Initiatives for providing the best infrastructure and training facilities in terms of international level, are also being planned and would be executed in the near future. Investments for upgrading Mohun Bagan’s faculty will be made in due course of time so that ISL and AFC home games can be held here.

The fans who define a club’s existence primarily, are expected to be quite happy after today’s proceedings. Many have expressed their joy and satisfaction on Twitter and other social media channels.

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