Food After Football, an initiative by Football Junction Foundation that seeks to blend the joy of playing football with the essential need for nutritious meals. Similar to the midday meal scheme that has successfully supported education in financially marginalized communities, Food After Football is dedicated to catering to individuals aged 5 to 18 years.

Our mission is clear: to introduce as many children as possible to structured football coaching from an early age. By providing football training in rural areas, this initiative aims to create a pathway for youngsters to develop their skills and passion for the sport.

Under the scheme, professional football training sessions will be conducted in the afternoons. Upon arrival at the training grounds, participants will receive a nourishing combination of bananas and energy drinks to fuel their active sessions. Post-training, all attendees will be served meals carefully curated by professional nutritionists and dieticians.

For those demonstrating exceptional dedication and talent, an additional morning training session awaits. To support their commitment, these young athletes will receive pre-training snacks and post-training meals, ensuring their bodies receive the necessary sustenance for optimal performance.

Food After Football is not just about training; it’s about creating opportunities. Football Junction Foundation envisions collaborating with various football clubs across the state, extending the benefits of this scheme to a broader community. Furthermore, we aspire to establish our own residential football academy, mirroring the success of Food After Football and providing a nurturing environment for young talents to flourish.

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